About Jackye's

Lettering in any program takes hard work and commitment. A Letterman's jacket is a symbol of a student's dedication and achievements. At Jackye's, we strive to provide a fully customizable experience for students to showcase their individual strengths and interests. 



  • 100% Made in USA jackets

  • All work done in-house

  • Supports local booster clubs

  • No sewing fees for jackets purchased through us

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Letterman's jackets

With over 25 years of experience crafting letterman's jackets, Jackye's offers high quality and full customization to fit each student's needs. Our jackets are 100% Made in USA and all patches and sewing are done in-house by Jackye herself!

When considering our competitors, please note that many do not offer updates to your jacket after your initial purchase. Jackye’s is currently only accepting updates for jackets purchased through us.